He Can … If You Let Him

St. Mary's FWB ChurchDaily Recharge



Too often, we resemble the people Jesus encountered in His hometown.  We place Him in boxes and restrict Him to moving in certain areas of our lives, but not others.  Though we believe He can free us from sin, we struggle to believe He can give us an amazing life on Earth.


I’m writing this post to awaken something that may lie dormant in you.  Jesus said it best, “All things are possible for the one who believes” (Mark 9:23, ERV).  While all things may not happen for us, we should not disqualify all possibilities by doubting what Jesus can do.  He can provide finances, soothe relationship drama, heal health concerns, and erase spiritual warfare.  He just needs your faith to do it.  So, I encourage you to believe again.  Dream again.  Hope again.  Trust again, because He can, if you let Him!