Heart of the Matter

It will come back to you:


→week two

Test: Four ways to know you have a big heart
  1. Do you have a tendency to put others needs ahead of your own? Self sacrificial, you will run to take care of other’s needs and yours go lacking. And you only hope that they will somehow return the act of kindness when you need something, but they get ghost.
  2. Do you always see good where others are critical? He is the worst person in town, everybody told you that he was slick conman, but you say, well, he might really be hungry, he might really have no place to stay, and you ignore all the warning signs and open up  to help, knowing that he just took advantage of your neighbor.
  3. Do you assume others burdens as if they were your own- you go home worried, sitting up at night worried about someone’s car payment, as if you had the money to pay your own on time? And sometimes the weight of carrying someone else’s burden, ends up weighing you down, and you get sick, and they are sleeping good at night, because they aren’t carrying their own burden, because you took it.
  4. Do you find it difficult to get over circumstance when others are moving on? You hold on to the pain, longer than others, and when you try to tell other, you close up, because they think that you should be over it by now, because they are, but they didn’t love like you, so they don’t hurt like you.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter. There is a struggle that all people face when doing good.  Because often times it seems as if doing good, doesn’t pay as quickly as doing other things.  So there is a pain that comes when you touch the lives of other people, and the reward doesn’t come quickly.

  • What steps do you have to take when you want to do right?
  • Do you find it difficult to do what’s right?
  • What do you do when you have always taken care of you, and now you take on doing for others, and the reward for taking care of others is delayed?
  • Do you struggle with going back to doing what you used to do?
  • How do I keep doing the right thing and not get tired of doing it?

God wants you to be ready for every opportunity.  It’s an awful thing to be gifted without having an opportunity.  When you can’t see the big picture, you can give up to early and miss the opportunity.  God will open doors when you least expect them, but you have to be ready to walk into it when the door opens.  God knows what is behind the door, he will close some doors just to open up another door, and you have to be ready, for a due season is coming.

Explain in your own words what the writer is telling us not to mock God, because when you sow, you will reap.


  1. Now what happens when you are spiritually connect to someone who is fleshly connected to you?

They come to take advantage of your kindness. But God says keep on being kind, because they might use you but God is sending someone to bless you.  Just keep on being good.

Now, look, it says be not weary-

  1. How can I be weary of doing good, when I never got tired of dong the wrong thing? I never got tired of doing wrong, why would I be tired of doing right?
  2. The next question is-am I doing good, simply because I want to reap? Is doing good, good by its self, or is doing good, good only because I am reaping.
  3. Is doing good satisfying in and of its self, then why would I be weary?
  4. Lastly- doing good, carries a stigma from the enemy. What are some things the enemy might say to discourage you from doing good for others?

So in doing good, you have to deal with the flesh’s response to doing good, because the flesh wants to take and not give, so in order to do good, I have to fight my own nature not to do good.  Because goodness is coming from my spirit, but not my flesh, so in order to do good, I have to war against myself.  There is a side of me that doesn’t want to be good anyway, and then there is a side of me that wants to be good. So in order for goodness to come out of me, I have to win the fight in myself over the evil that is in me that is trying to stop me. How do you feel about that statement?

Now being weary is a factor here- you have being working for a long time, and it seems like nothing is coming up, and then the wait is so long that I feel like I should just go back to what I used to do.  So the guy wants to quit and walk away, after sowing, so what happens to the seed that is planted?  Is your motive simply the harvest?  As your character develops, your motive changes, because as your character develops, you learn to love what you do.  Because it’s loving what you do, that sustains you when there is not results.

First you sow, and then you have to wait.  But am I sowing for the results? If the results are all I’m sowing for then, I’m selfish in my sowing.  If the results don’t come quickly, then I move on to sow somewhere else.  Because I’m sowing and I’m not getting it back.  But when I sow and I have to wait, the spirit is fixing my motive, so now, I’m sowing not just to reap, but I have the power to bless.

So while I am waiting on my mine, I enjoy blessing somebody else.  If I am being good to just to get the reward, when I get rewarded, I will stop being good, but God holds the reward, so that I can love what I do, and my attitude changes, and I do it, even if you won’t pay me, because pay is not the reason I do it, but don’t worry, God is not going to let you go without, payday is coming.