Heart of the Matter

 “It’s in my heart”

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Have you ever started out with the best of intention, but somewhere on the journey, something went wrong.  You can’t get a refund on life- you wish you could get the money back for the wedding, you wish you could have taken the other job, you wish you could have raised your child differently. Things can go wrong, even when it’s in your heart- to do right.  Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you think or the way you thought.

This text shows up an exceptional man.  Moses survived during a time that his peers were killed at birth.  The other male babies his age were killed but Moses was hid for three months by his mother, and when she could no longer hide him, she put him in a small boat, and placed him in the river.  He floated down the river, among the crocodiles, and snakes, but Moses survives.

He survived the elements that should have destroyed him.  He just floated through it. He made it.  Pharaoh’s daughter is taking a bath in the river, and sees this baby floating; she falls in love with this particular baby.  When you should have been destroyed, God will make the right person, love you.  Love can keep you when life wants destroy you.

Moses survived because God made the right person love him.   He was a beloved slave.  She loved him, and she hired his mother, and paid her to take care of her own son, something she would have done for free.  God will give you favor- when it’s in your heart, God will pay you to do something that you would have otherwise done for free.  Now, look at this- His mother was a slave, you don’t pay slaves; but God gave favor to her that she got paid, when others worked for free, to do something that was already in her heart to do, because of divine favor. What a deal. Moses grows up in Egypt- he is living the sweet life; but one day gets guilty about the people he’s connected to.  But he’s related to people who he is not connected to.  So one day Moses wakes up and ponders in his mind- I wonder what is going on with those Hebrew people.  Because in his heart, he knew those where his people.  And it’s hard to relax when you know that others are being oppressed.  So Moses goes to visit his people.  That day, there was a fight- life will bring you a fight.  The fight is a sign of your purpose.  There was a fight between a Hebrew and an Egyptian. What he saw on the outside was what was happening on the inside of him. Explain

He rose up in anger, and he killed the Egyptian that was in the fight.    The Bible says that he did it from his heart.  Do you do what you do from your heart

How is it that the people you are trying to help can be so hateful? Moses has killed an Egyptian, and now he goes down there and they are fighting among themselves.  He sees them, and asks, what are you doing, you have an oppressor over you, and you are fighting amongst yourselves?  See people don’t like it when you tell them the truth about themselves. Now here Moses is trying to help the slaves, and the slaves say who are you trying to tell us what to do? They were more willing to take orders from somebody who hated them, than from someone who loved them.  And there attitude towards Moses, crushed him.  Because, Moses didn’t have anything to gain by going down to help them.   Moses was living the sweet life, but he left everything to help them, and now they are talking smack to him, saying you are not my boss.  How did Moses deal with these people?  He was doing it from his heart, but it didn’t turn out the way he thought.

What do you do when it was in your heart to do the right thing, but in the process, it goes bad?  He meant right… he thought that they would understand him, but he was misunderstood.  Have you ever been misunderstood?  Moses is on the back side of the desert shocked, over what went wrong.  He was delayed in his purpose, and paused on his assignment.  He didn’t dream anymore, want anymore, love anymore, because he did it from his heart, but it didn’t work the way he thought.


#1 Just because you’ve discover your purpose doesn’t mean you are ready for it.  The day you get the purpose doesn’t mean the time is now.

#2 Just because you are ready for it, doesn’t mean it is ready for you.  Moses was trying to save some people who were not ready to be saved.  The task didn’t get hard enough yet- bricks without straw.  Sometimes you are trying to save someone who isn’t finished yet and it does not work.

#3 The person who delivers you has to be able to relate to the people being delivered.  God is not looking for someone who is perfect and fine, to bring you out.  You cannot deliver people from a position of strength until you have suffered with them.  Moses knew about the pyramids, but he didn’t know about pain.  He had to lose everything that he had to be about to relate to the people he was trying to help, and God brought him all the way down to nothing, from the palace to the desert, he was a murderer on the run.  And God brought him all the way out, just to bring him all the way back in.  He is making a comeback, because it’s in his heart.  I’m not finished, because, it’s in my heart

Go back to pharaoh, this is not the end of the story, it’s in my heart.  I’m anointed to do this.  They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength- here comes your strength…. It’s in my heart.  The burning bush is coming.  God is ordering your steps; he is preparing you, and preparing them.